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Curriculum Overview
STEM Education

Curriculum Overview

All Saints Academy acknowledges that parents are the primary educators of their children, and therefore, assists the parents in the process Christian formation. All Saints Academy’s curriculum is established through sequentially ordered instruction and learning provided for its students. The predominant theme woven through the entire curriculum is the spirit and elements of faith. Daily prayer, attending liturgies, and participating in para-liturgical activities are meshed with daily instruction in religion to build on the home foundation of Christian values and Catholic traditions. 

All Saints Academy is accredited by AdvancED. The AdvancED Accreditation Process is comprehensive in the evaluation of all the parts of the school community. It focuses vision and goals, and evaluates teaching and learning, and how results are documented and resources are allocated. The seven AdvancED Standards are the foundation of the Accreditation Process.  In 2016, All Saints Academy earned AdvancED STEM Certification - a nationally recognized achievement.  Our school is the only certified STEM School in Morris County and one of three STEM certified Catholic schools in the northeast region.

The curriculum is developed and approved by the Diocese of Paterson and reflects New Jersey State Standards and Common Core Curriculum.  Currently the Diocese of Paterson is involved in a curriculum revision project in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame - ACE Collaborative (Alliance for Catholic Education).  Math, Language Arts and Religion Curricula were revised in the past two years.  Science Curriculum, based on the 21st Century Science Standards, has recently been updated. STEM education and inquiry-based instruction and learning is inherent in our daily coursework and at every grade level.

Early Childhood (PreSchool-3 years old and PreKindergarten-4 years old)

All Saints Academy is committed to fostering each child's first experience in school as positive, productive and fun. Early Childhood STEM education is the perfect fit for young children who are by nature experiential learners. In our PreSchool and PreKindergarten programs, our youngest students are encouraged to learn through age appropriate play while developing necessary social and intellectual skills through group and self-directed activities.  All early childhood students also have specific coursework in art, library, music, physical education, technology and world language/Spanish. Our early childhood students have experiences unique to their young age group, but are also seen as valuable citizens in our larger school community.

Primary Grades (Grades K, 1 and 2)

All Saints Academy’s primary program is designed to excite students about learning and set them on a course for success at an early age. Students master the academic concepts and skills they will need to develop a strong educational foundation. STEM education provides students with a platform for learning by process in a collaborative classroom environment. Kindergarten students are engaged and motivated to exploring academic potential through an increased emphasis on language, mathematics, and reading readiness. In an integrated approach, the primary level curriculum emphasizes language arts based reading, phonics, spelling and writing, mathematics, religion, natural sciences, social studies, world language/Spanish, physical education, technology and the fine arts.

Intermediate Grades (Grades 3, 4 and 5)

Grades 3 and 4 are self-contained classrooms.  Grade 5 is also self-contained, however grade 5 math is taught by our middle school math teacher and science is taught by our middle school science teacher in the science lab. The intermediate grades curriculum of All Saints Academy is designed to prepare students for the increased independence and higher level thinking skills. Building on the foundations established in the elementary program, instruction continues in comprehensive language arts, mathematics, religion, science, social studies, world language/Spanish, technology, physical education and the fine arts. Through the presence of STEM education, there are increased opportunities for teamwork in learning. Students are challenged to develop creatively and confidently.  Instrumental music lessons are an option.

Middle School (Grades 6, 7 and 8) 

The All Saints Middle School is predicated on an interdisciplinary approach to instruction led by a dynamic team of specialized teachers. In order to confidently prepare for high school, we offer a model of enriched teaching and learning where students are empowered to discuss and decide, create and communicate, and analyze and absorb. STEM and STEM Tech allow students to explore and challenge themselves with interdisciplinary coursework. Math classes are organized by ability, beginning with grade 6 core level and progressing to grade 8 advanced/Algebra.  Students who complete the year of ASA Algebra experience strong levels of success in the "test out" process for high school Algebra, progressing ahead to more challenging levels of math coursework.  When we encounter an exceptional math student that has demonstrated advanced levels of performance, we are able to arrange for online, mentored excelerated math coursework, online, through Johns Hopkins University Gifted and Talented Youth Program.  Middle school students also engaged in creative coursework in the fine arts, physical education and world language/Spanish.

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