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STEM Program
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STEM Education

STEM Education

All Saints Academy is a STEM School of the Diocese of Paterson.  STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - is an internationally recognized program that enhances subject area instruction, practice and learning in our classrooms today to engage and foster future generations of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technological experts. In March, 2016, All Saints Academy's STEM initiative was reviewed and assessed by AdvancED, an international school accrediation organization.  Following the extensive self-study and external review, All Saints Academy recieved recognition as a STEM School.  It is one of three Catholic elementary schools in the United States to be acknowledged this way.  It is the only nationally recognized STEM School in Morris County, NJ.  

The Introduction and growth of STEM Education to All Saints Academy:

In 2010, the educational leaders of the Diocese made an exciting commitment to this innovative and rigorous academic initiative, and All Saints Academy was one of six elementary schools to be selected to participate.  Since the introduction of STEM in our school, we have observed a boost in student achievement and positive scholarly attitude.  Now, in the 2017-18 school year, our STEM program is well-established. This initiative has be nationally recognized by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) for its innovative approach to teaching and learning and has led All Saints Academy to be an AdvancED STEM Certified school.
During summers and through the school year, our teachers in all grade levels, preschool through eight, participate in rigorous professional development and training that promotes inquiry-based instruction in all classroom levels.   Teacher professional development has been provided through Stevens Institute of Technology – CIESE Office (Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education – and Florida Institute of Technology.  Currently, our teachers, at all levels, are learning through professional development sponsored by Worcester Polytechnical Institute.  Our school also maintains an important partnership with Picatinny Arsenal’s Department of Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC).  The professionals and funding available through Picatinny Arsenal provides our schools with tremendous community resources of guest speakers, presenters, technology, teaching materials and additional teacher training. Continuous professional improvement through an association with the National Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (nCASE) has made a profound impact in the teaching and learning of our students. You can read more about Picatinny Arsenal’s STEM Office at 
So what does this really mean for life at All Saints Academy? One of the strongest foundations of STEM is to spark and develop student enthusiasm and engagement in science and math. With the professional development and community resources provided through these opportunities, our teachers are able to enhance instruction through creative and design-based coursework. All of our classroom schedules reflect an interweaving of math and science in light of developing greater student competencies in problem solving, critical thinking and finding solutions through processes. Our youngest students now have the important opportunities to grow in an environment that stresses the idea of learning through process and learning as critical thinkers. 

Our students think of themselves as engineers, researchers, scientists, designers, planners and tech specialists. They know that they are headed for a vast array of educational and professional opportunities founded in interdisciplinary STEM areas.
The community resources shared with our students will complement teaching practice and help to inspire their commitment to further studies. Visiting engineers and scientists serve as role models with interesting and productive careers as the goal. Our students have access to some great technological teaching resources that would not otherwise be available to us. Our faculty team also realizes the need to stay on the cutting edge of instruction in all areas, and our participation in STEM will help us in the essential areas of math and science.
This is a unique and innovative place to be in the world of elementary education, and we are excited for our students to be part of it!

All Saints Academy
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